We struggle with motivation for some days. There is time we don't have it in us to do anything worthwhile. The consequence of this is, when we reflect back, we feel bad for it. I recently had the need to improve my health and read a book that introduced the concept of Bright spots and Landmines.

Bright spots and Landmines revolves around taking stock of how you feel and reflecting on the actions of the days or hours past that led the present state of mind. I am not a psychologist, but we can agree that exhaustion does affect our state of mind. If we know the effect of fatigue surely, the next step will be to avoid getting exhausted. If we can prevent exhaustion, that means we will experience more happy moments after eliminating the cause.

You could observe things like how much food you ate before you went to bed and how that affects your morning the next day. How does going to the gym late at night change your day? We are encouraged to hit the gym at least 150 minutes a week, making time for this is challenging. What time is best for you to exercise? How often do you exercise?

On the exercise front, I discovered if I were able to put in an hour of moderate workout before work. I do start my day excited and motivated. If I hit the gym in the evening before my regular bedtime, then I struggle to sleep since I am pumped up with adrenaline. Not getting the appropriate rest results in more struggle the next day.

Actions and decisions you have taken that lead to a negative feeling referred to as Landmines. Landmines happen to us daily. Eating more than you should, not doing things you ought to at the right time. Understanding the landmines will help you avoid them and bring more Bright spots in your day.

One of the difficult things to do as a working professional is making adequate time to carry out Personal Development. There are numerous excuses from tiredness from work, other life activities that require attention, motivation and distractions. Despite some of the reasons sounding reasonable, they don't exactly help you when you feel a bit remorseful knowing you could be doing better.

I have been trying to make time out to do some work like writing this blog post, coding and working on side projects, reading and learning. There are several activities I would love to do routinely, like reading non-technical books, exercising consistently, working on a side project. I discovered of late that my most productive time of the week is between the hours of 4 am - 7 am on weekends.

After noting my most productive time of the week, I move my activities around to free up the time to focus on my personal goals. You may be tempted to take weekends as a moment to relax and be as lazy as you can till the work week arrives. I do wake up early between 4 am to 5 am daily. On weekends, I spend this trying to code, watching training videos or writing. Getting these task done with the week are my Bright spots.

So in the next couple of weeks and months, I hope to repeat those bright spots frequently. Landmines can't be avoided, but they can be spotted early on and dealt with. So in the next couple of weeks, I will be taking stuck of my bright spots and keeping the occurrence of landmines to a minimum.