Ndifreke Ekott

Thoughts, stories, ideas and programming


Hi there, I see the about me page piqued your interest. I will try to keep this simple, short and to the point.

I am Ndifreke Ekott, and from the few posts on this site, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that I work in the Technology space.

I currently work as a Software Engineer (Developer depending on where you come from). I have been in technology for fifteen years and counting and consider myself a Technology enthusiast. I am curious about what is happening in the tech scene, from listening to podcasts, reading my endless RSS feed or watching conference videos. I also do enjoy brainstorming or exploring how to use technology to solve everyday problems or opportunities.

My areas of interest are predominantly backend development. Anything from the network wire to servers, scaling, CI/CD, Agile methodology, Architecture, systems designs and the overall Software Development experience.

I do like the front-end, especially the mobile application development experience. I have a keen interest in the Flutter framework. I am generally technology agnostic to an extent. What is important to me is applying whatever tech there is around to business opportunities.

I also enjoy speaking to people, and sharing stories. That passion for storytelling has led me to throw my hat into the podcasting space. I do run a small podcast titled The Afro Dev Podcast - https://anchor.fm/adg-podcast

Ever want to reach out to me? You can reach me on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cancelerx/ and Twitter at @ndy40.

Here is a link to my CV