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12 May 2022

Brain Dump - May 13th Friday 2022

A collection of thoughts I have had over the week but unable to write a complete article on it. So this week - Finances, kids helping out, 91k Civil Servants to be kicked out of jobs, rumours about a recession in tech salaries. Automation and flutter release
07 Mar 2021

The future of the web will be statically typed

The bulk of the web runs on Javascript but as the web becomes more integral into the way we do business today, dynamically languages are slowly tacking on those features from languages like Java we once hated.
08 Oct 2020

Dev Hobby - Test and verify everything, every time

Sometimes confidence comes from having experienced a thing many times. In the world of coding, there are times when you just needed to add a few lines of code to modify a functionality. The lesson from this experience is no matter how confident you feel your code is, always write tests.
06 Jul 2020

Is everyday living a series of learning from the past, living by approximation and making compromises?

Live life like a Ship. A Ship adjusts its sail according to the wind. A Ship may not always travel in a straight line. Still, it will generally go in an approximate direction to its destination. Sometimes the winds and waves are so high that you may have to dock in an unplanned shore.
01 May 2020

Managing your mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown through video games

Video games serve as a vital medium to escape the current Corona Lockdown and a way to manage mental health.