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27 Sep 2023
18 Jun 2023
04 Dec 2022

Growing up, #Adulting, is like working at the circus

When you are young and still living at your parent's house, you had dreams of when you will become a grown-up, move out, have your own place and do WHATEVER you want. The dream is real to an extent except, no one warned you of the responsibilities that come with that level of freedom. In the end, you get to do whatever you want, but the constraints are no longer placed on you by your parents but now by life itself.

22 Sep 2022

Brain Dump Friday - It is mostly in your head

Life throws opportunities that you never expected or weren't exactly prepared for. At first you are scared but plodding along and realising there was nothing to it, reveals the fear was all in your head.

30 Aug 2022

Good Bye PHP. Embracing New Overlords Beyond

For the bulk of my career at least in the last seven to eight years, PHP, the web's programming language, has featured predominantly in my CV. It paid the bills, I devoted time to honing my skills and keeping up with frameworks and new language features as the language grew.