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28 Mar 2021

Dynamically Pointing your Raspberry PI's IP address to AWS Route53

I recently decided to create a Local NAS Server ever since Google complained I was using a lot of space. Would I be willing to pay for more space? Nope.

I remembered my Raspberry PI and how I have been gathering dust. I also had an old Hard Disk I have never used in over 5 years. Decided to roll up my sleeve and get to cracking. Now I have most of what I needed setup, Owncloud as the software of choice, I was able to sync files from my phone to the machine within my LAN.

I would like to extend my little setup to family members living remote and an IP address isn’t the way to go. So I tried to find solutions out there. There was noip which provided the exact service I needed. But then I already have an AWS account and Route53, surely it would be possible. Well, it is possible with AWS since every resource has an accompanying API.

Before I start cracking my head on how to come up with this, how about looking at what someone else out there has done? Well in the world of tech, if you have an idea, it is most likely someone has done it already and you can build from there.

So I did that and found this article.