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28 Dec 2021

OhMyZsh - Docker plugin command sheet

I needed a quick reference for using docker plugin on ohmyzsh.

Repository: https://github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh/tree/master/plugins/docker-compose

Alias Command Description
dco docker-compose Docker-compose main command
dcb docker-compose build Build containers
dce docker-compose exec Execute command inside a container
dcps docker-compose ps List containers
dcrestart docker-compose restart Restart container
dcrm docker-compose rm Remove container
dcr docker-compose run Run a command in container
dcstop docker-compose stop Stop a container
dcup docker-compose up Build, (re)create, start, and attach to containers for a service
dcupb docker-compose up –build Same as dcup, but build images before starting containers
dcupd docker-compose up -d Same as dcup, but starts as daemon
dcdn docker-compose down Stop and remove containers
dcl docker-compose logs Show logs of container
dclf docker-compose logs -f Show logs and follow output
dcpull docker-compose pull Pull image of a service
dcstart docker-compose start Start a container
dck docker-compose kill Kills containers