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19 Nov 2019

My Reading and Learning List

In the field of Software Engineering, there is always something to learn. A new tool, a new framework, new practice, new cloud vendor product etc. So below are a list of things I am actively learning, have in sight to learn once I can.

Actively learning

  • Python 3.6 - 3.7
  • Django
  • Flutter/Dart
  • Docker (Finished the Docker Mastery Course from Udemy)
  • Fabric (Python library for running SSH commands on remote machines. I use this for my CI/CD setup. Guess what? This site is deployed using CI/CD practice all thanks to Fabric).

Courses and Books I am reading

Things I hope to pick up later

  • Serverless Infrastructure (I started playing with FnProject.io but still exploring the space)
  • Go Lang
  • Kubernetes
  • SketchApp
  • UX Design Skills (With a framework like Tailwind CSS, Less, Saas. I do understand them but just want to be more conscious and better at them)
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Spark

The above list may expand and contract. I will update the page as things change. For now, this is what I have in mind.