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28 Dec 2019

Beyond Code In The Year of Our Lord 2020

As the new year starts, what did you learn in 2019 and what does 2020 hold? Surely things need to be different, we can't afford to re-live 2019. Here is a plan to improve as a person.
05 Dec 2019

The ME! ME! ME! Mentality

In our me me me society, phrases like within me, I deserve, I want, my opinion, creates a lot of pressure on us. Let's face it, you do disappoint yourself from time to time with the difference being you are very forgiving of your flaws.
31 Oct 2019

Ignorance may not always help you out

I woke up this morning with a random phrase in my mind. Today's random thought happens to be the phrase - Ignorance is bliss.
31 Oct 2019

You should apply CI/CD practises to your personal projects too

Sometimes when we think of advance concepts like CI/CD, we generally look at it from the perspective of work.
26 Oct 2019

You have all it takes to attain your goals

We all have dreams of where we could be or want to be. Dreaming isn't the challenge as everyone hopes and longs for a better life, a promotion or an adventure.