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27 Sep 2019

Going cheap isn't always the way out

Today has been a hell of a day for me and has made me wonder what in the world was I thinking. I have spent a lot of time today making three trips to the Curry's store returning items I bought.
15 Jul 2019

The millionaire thought

I woke today with a weird thought of the term - "A Millionaire". What qualifies a millionaire? Is it the amount of money in his bank account, or is it something else? Is it the size of his Real Estate?
26 Apr 2019

Craving A Day Of Nothingness

Every day is filled with something to achieve. And from the moment you become an adult, start working, it never stops. As a child, we had the luxury of our parents taking care of the business of worrying about the future and bills.
12 Feb 2019

Being you and shinning regardless

A sense of depression or lack of accomplishment will be felt when you hide who you are. If you are passionate about something, keep doing it, share it with others, talk about it.
02 Jan 2019

Retrospective on 2018. Part 1 - The Human Experience

The year 2018 has been a year of surprises, learning and a year I spent looking to streamline my view of the world, figure out what works and develop emotionally, spiritually and aim for peace of mind.