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07 Mar 2021

The future of the web will be statically typed

The bulk of the web runs on Javascript but as the web becomes more integral into the way we do business today, dynamically languages are slowly tacking on those features from languages like Java we once hated.

08 Oct 2020

Dev Hobby - Test and verify everything, every time

Sometimes confidence comes from having experienced a thing many times. In the world of coding, there are times when you just needed to add a few lines of code to modify a functionality. The lesson from this experience is no matter how confident you feel your code is, always write tests.

06 Jul 2020
01 May 2020
05 Dec 2019

The ME! ME! ME! Mentality

In our me me me society, phrases like within me, I deserve, I want, my opinion, creates a lot of pressure on us. Let's face it, you do disappoint yourself from time to time with the difference being you are very forgiving of your flaws.