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05 Dec 2019

The ME! ME! ME! Mentality



In our me me me society, phrases like within me, I deserve, I want, my opinion, creates a lot of pressure on us. Let’s face it, you do disappoint yourself from time to time with the difference being you are very forgiving of your flaws. We tend to judge ourselves by our best of intentions while judging others by their worse.

Why is there so much loneliness, sadness, unhappiness and mental stress in our society today? If you ask me, I can point at one reason which I call the Me! Me! Me! mentality. I want, I deserve, I should have, the world is here to serve meare but a few phrases we hear being thrown around these days. There is a lot of pain in this way of thinking.

A cheerful heart is good medicine they say. Guess what a cheerful hearts are giving hearts. Look out for the happiest people around you and see would notice they are more about others. These special sect of humans always make themselves available to others, going all out for others and lastly….

*it is at this point my writing stopped as I reached my destination*